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Mobility Markets offers a huge range of electric wheelchairs to suit every user, from small portable powerchairs to long-range, custom-made bespoke power chairs. Purchase your power wheelchair either directly or via the Motability Finance Scheme.

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Rascal P321 Powerchair


The car transportable Rascal P321 powerchair from Electric Mobility takes independent living futher than ever before.

The P321 Powerchair represents the next generation of lightweight, compact powerchairs. Specifically designed to combine both easy dismantling and dependable mobility, the P321 is the ideal choice for indoor and occasional outdoor use. Whether at home in the office or shopping, the P321 delivers versatility and total comfort.

Rascal WeGo 250

Manual wheelchairs have been used for over 30 years and when introduced gave mobility to many people who would be otherwise housebound. The main problem was if a carer had to push a wheelchair it was very tiring and hard work, so at the end of a day out they would be exhausted. The next solution was to bolt on a battery pack to help the carer but it was part solution to the problem. The WeGo is based on a powered base that is steered by the carer allowing power to take care of the strain, but offering more comfort in a padded seat than a standard wheelchair sling fabric seat. But the WeGo really comes into its own when its time to transport it in the car. It dismantles into easy manageable parts for loading into the car and battery pack can be charged off-board so you can leave the WeGo in the car boot ready for your next trip.

Rascal P200

Advanced Mobility has been redefined with the multi-adjustable Rascal P200 powerchair from Electric Mobility. The Rascal P200 offers the very latest in flexible seating systems. It easily meets a variety of everyday demands with an impressive multi-positional seat which includes the capability to adjust back rest angle and tension. The removable seat cushion for bespoke adaptations and coil spring suspension, both ensure comfort is maximized. With a stylish design and outstanding finish quality, the P200 excels in a wide variety of environments.

The level of flexibility that the P200 powerchair from Electric Mobility offers is exceptional. The swing away controller allows easier access under tables, side transfers are straightforward with detachable arm rests while the fully adjustable seat and back rest can be re-positioned to meet changing needs. Crash tested and with easy access tie-down points, the P200 is ideal for users who require hassle-free transportation in accessible vehicles. Relax it’s a Rascal.

Rascal  330 Compass

The innovative articulating chassis of the Rascal 330 Compass provides outstanding stability and enhanced performance when negotiating ramps. The centre wheel drive design turns in its own space for total confidence and control.


  • 48cm (19″) Turning Radius.
  • Centre wheel drive.
  • 34amp and 50amp Battery options available.
  • Articulating Chassis to help climb ramps.
  • Footboard adjustable by height depth and angle.
  • Width and Height adjustable armrests.
  • Optional Footboard extension.
  • Optional swing away or elevating legrests.


Rascal 312 Turnabout:

Designed by powerchair specialists, the Rascal 312 Turnabout has many remarkable features as standard. These include

Dual directional drive with a rotating seat giving you the option of front or rear wheel drive.

Bespoke driving with a swing-away controller and a fully adjustable seat back. Day long comfort with a high back luxurious seat and adjustable headrest.

The chassis is sleek and compact and when combined with the ability to rotate the seat 180, you will find that even in the tightest space, the Rascal 312 Turnabout will give superb accessibility.

Change your view on what a powerchair can do with the Rascal 312 Turnabout from Electric Mobility.


  • Dual Directional drive by rotating the seat. Complete with two footplates.
  • Seat can rotate through 180 degrees for transfer.
  • Can be used as a front wheel or rear wheel chair by rotating the seat.
  • Optional power seat lift to raise you up to different levels.
  • Comfortable seat with adjustable backrest.
  • Swing away controller to allow access closer to tables
  • Front wheel drive gives great indoor turning.
  • Rear wheel drive for when you’re out and about.


Rascal Viva 301

It is now possible to be more active outdoors with the Rascal 301 Viva Powerchair from Electric Mobility. Built to last, this sturdy Class 3 powerchair incorporates the very best in comfort and reliability to give you the confidence you need when out and about. The Rascal 301 Viva has the power to carry 400lb in complete comfort, negotiate most terrains and travel for up to 20 miles without the need for recharging.

The Rascal 301 Viva gives you Complete safety with features which include a full lighting kit, mirror and seat belt.

A robust, rugged design that gives total versatility across uneven terrains. Optional extras upgrade to 22″ width seat, elevating legrests, swing-away legrests, powered seat lift or dual/attendant control.

Exceptional design is enhanced with modern styling to give you a powerchair that is ready to meet the demands of the outside world the Rascal 301 Viva from Electric Mobility.


  • Outdoor Class 3 for pavement and road use.
  • Full lighting kit, mirror and safety belt as standard.
  • Maximum user weight up to 400lbs.
  • Large drive wheels help over uneven terrain.
  • Optional power seat lift.
  • Optional elevating legrests.
  • Travel up to 20 miles on one charge.
  • Modern styling and design.


Rascal P327

The Rascal P327 powerchairs from Electric Mobility are built to last. Employing the latest in design innovation and heavy duty technology, the P327s meet the needs of the most demanding lifestyle. With coil spring suspension, comfort seating and mid-wheel drive, the P327s from Electric Mobility deliver utmost manoeuvrability and the smoothest ride possible.

The P327 powerchairs deliver performance on every level. The 327XL offers a superior weight capacity and extra seat width if required. Whether indoors or out, the P327 design provides day long comfort and manoeuvrability. The efficient batteries deliver increased travelling range ensuring a real sense of freedom. Relax�it�s a Rascal.


  • Mid-wheel drive maneuverability.
  • Captain comfort seat.
  • Four post seat fixing, angle adjustable.
  • Coil front suspension, articulating rear.
  • P327 � User weight 300lbs (21 stone).
  • P327XL � User weight 450lbs (32 stone).

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